Choosing a Build

Selecting the right build can be a daunting process. Here are some tips to help you make your decision

Hub Motor

The hub motor is a great introduction to E-biking. It has an affordable starting price. Hub motors will give you more power off the line, as well as higher top speeds. Also, if you wanted to convert back to regular bike for any reason, it's as easy as changing out a wheel. If your battery runs problem! Hub motors won't know the difference.


Hub motors aren't as great on hills, or if you are schlepping some cargo.

Mid Drive Motor

Mid drive motors are for E-bikers that are looking for a little extra out of their build. Mid drives provide more torque and will get you up those killer hills in a breeze. Mid drives also work in conjunction with your gears so that you and your motor will be working most efficiently. Mid drives are great for commuters and off roaders. Mid drives are located in the center of the bike, which is best for the balance of the added weight. They are also a bit more durable than hub motors.


A bit more of an invasive conversion, mid drives aren't as easily to convert back. A slight drag will be added which means that if you are operating without battery pedaling will be a smidge harder than operating a standard bike

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